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iOS 7 Support Coming This Fall

Posted on Jun 21, 2013

With Apple's release of iOS 7 Beta 1 to developers last week, we're hard at work making your Outline Pro experience even better!

What's Going to Change?

It's no surprise that Apple has innovated again—this time by giving iOS 7's look and feel a complete makeover. We're spending the summer making all kinds of improvements to Outline Pro's interface and experience so that you can get the most our of our app when iOS 7 launches this fall. Outline Pro 2.3 is going to be revamped and even more intuitive, with all the great features you need!

You can learn more about iOS 7 on Apple's website:

Is It Free?

Of course! All the changes will be free updates from the App Store for our customers.

What About Older iOS Versions?

Not to worry! If you're planning on sticking with iOS 6 for a while, or if you have a first-generation iPad with iOS 5, we'll still be fully supporting Outline Pro on your device. Even though it's a lot more work for us, making our app accessible to everybody is very important. So if you're a student or a school using older iPads (or iPhones/iPods) running iOS 5 or 6, you'll continue to get the full Outline Pro experience and support from our development team.

We hope you're as excited as we are for our next big release this fall for iOS 7!

iCloud Coming to Outline Pro

Posted on Mar 2, 2013

Now that we're in the final stages of our iPhone app, we're excited to tell you about an update that's just around the corner–iCloud sync!

What Will It Do?

With iCloud sync enabled, all your outlines will be saved to iCloud instead of your device. You'll be able to open any outline from all your devices and keep all your changes synchronized.

You can learn more about iCloud from Apple's website:

To use iCloud sync, you only need to enable it once in the app's settings. You can also turn it off at any time, and all your iCloud outlines will be copied to your device.

When Will It Be Available?

Our plan is to first release iCloud sync as an update to Outline Pro for iPad in March. Then, when we've finalized Outline Pro for iPhone, we'll release it with iCloud already built in.

UPDATE Mar 29, 2013: We're finishing up a few last-minute changes and expect to launch the iCloud update for the iPad as well as the iPhone app in mid-April. Sorry about the delay and thanks for your patience!

What Will Change?

Users of Outline Pro for iPad may notice a few small feature changes to accommodate iCloud sync:

  • New outlines with no changes will no longer be deleted when closed. In the past, creating an outline and closing it without making any changes would delete the outline. Because of how iCloud works, and to make our app a little more intuitive, outlines won't be deleted unless you delete them.
  • Overwriting outlines will no longer be allowed. Instead, you'll be notified that the outline name you're creating is already taken in the folder you chose. You can always delete the old outline and save the new one.

We hope you're looking forward to our upcoming iCloud update. And, of course, there's the iPhone app coming soon!

Outline Pro for iPhone Coming Soon!

Posted on Jan 29, 2013

It's a big day for us at IT Launchpad. Today, Outline Pro for iPhone enters beta testing. We're still adding a few new features, such as iCloud support and UI improvements, but the core of the app is ready. We're very excited to finally share it with you!

When Will It Be Available?

Our plan is sometime in March 2013.

UPDATE Mar 29, 2013: We're finishing up a few last-minute changes and expect to launch Outline Pro for iPhone as well as the iCloud update for our iPad app in mid-April. Sorry about the delay and thanks for your patience!

What Features Will Be Included?

All of them! Outline Pro for iPhone will have every single feature of Outline Pro for iPad -- and both versions will receive iCloud support, too. It's going to be the most advanced outliner for the iPhone.


Click on any screenshot to enlarge.

Outline Pro for iPhone's Structure panel.

The Structure panel slides out from the left.

Outline Pro for iPhone's Writing screen.

The Writing screen in action.

Outline Pro for iPhone's Options panel.

The Options panel slides out from the right.

Outline Pro for iPhone's Home screen.

The Home screen looks just like the iPad app's.

Outline Pro for iPhone's user interface.

The same great UI.

Outline Pro for iPhone's tutorial.

The tutorial has been completely optimized for iPhone.

What Will It Cost?

Outline Pro for iPhone will be a completely separate app from the current Outline Pro (for iPad). We plan to sell it for $4.99 on the App Store. We're also going to give away free download codes on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

We're very excited to bring you Outline Pro for iPhone soon. Like our page on Facebook or follow @OutlineProApp on Twitter for updates!

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