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Introducing Our New, Mobile-Optimized Site!

Posted on Jan 27, 2013

App developers often forget that user experience isn't just about their app – it's about making it fun and easy to learn about their app on their website!

With today's launch of our new website, we're doing just that.

Our new, mobile-optimized website at

Click on the image to enlarge.

Why the new site?

It's simple: first, we need a site that looks and works great from any device – iPhone, iPad or computer. It's tough for users to constantly have to drag and pinch all over the screen just to read about an app.

Second, we've learned a lot about what our visitors want to know about Outline Pro, and we updated our content to make it easy to learn about Outline Pro's features.

So, what's new?
  • Top 10 Features. We organized our best features into a quick "Top 10" list. The screenshots can be zoomed and panned when viewed from a small screen, such as an iPhone!
  • Comparison with Competing Apps. We updated our full list of features to compare with top iOS outliners: OmniOutliner, Cloud Outliner and CarbonFin Outliner.
  • Blog. Now our users can learn about updates and get tips on using Outline Pro.
  • Testimonials. App Store reviews right on the home page.

We hope you like our new site! Send us your ideas and suggestions on our Contact Us page!

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