iOS 7 Support Coming This Fall

Posted on Jun 21, 2013

With Apple's release of iOS 7 Beta 1 to developers last week, we're hard at work making your Outline Pro experience even better!

What's Going to Change?

It's no surprise that Apple has innovated again—this time by giving iOS 7's look and feel a complete makeover. We're spending the summer making all kinds of improvements to Outline Pro's interface and experience so that you can get the most our of our app when iOS 7 launches this fall. Outline Pro 2.3 is going to be revamped and even more intuitive, with all the great features you need!

You can learn more about iOS 7 on Apple's website:

Is It Free?

Of course! All the changes will be free updates from the App Store for our customers.

What About Older iOS Versions?

Not to worry! If you're planning on sticking with iOS 6 for a while, or if you have a first-generation iPad with iOS 5, we'll still be fully supporting Outline Pro on your device. Even though it's a lot more work for us, making our app accessible to everybody is very important. So if you're a student or a school using older iPads (or iPhones/iPods) running iOS 5 or 6, you'll continue to get the full Outline Pro experience and support from our development team.

We hope you're as excited as we are for our next big release this fall for iOS 7!

Comments (3)

  1. David on Jan 2, 2014

    The one suggestion I would make is implement a text import capability separate from OPML import. The suggestion would be to support Emacs style outlines (outline items begin with stars and other lines represent notes to the previous outline item) for both import and export. The Emacs style outline is readily processable in any text editor and, so, would make your outliner more compatible with everything the customer is already using. I'm surprised no outliner (that I've seen) implements this already as OPML is not a very well supported standard.

  1. James Blessman on Jan 18, 2014

    Are there plans to build in the ability to collapse levels? Also is there a way to change outline styles after the outline has been created?


  1. Ruben on Oct 21, 2014

    I have been using your app and its awesome! But there are a few things that i would like to request.
    1. When your typing and get to the bottom of the iPad screen, it doesn't go any lower but stops. Its kinda hard because then you have to work off the bottom of screen. An option to keep the courser it at middle of screen would be nice.
    2. Right now you can only export in 3 formats which Word on the ipad doesnt recognize. And i have to expert pdf to ipages, to word so i can work on it. Making an option to work with word would be great.
    3. ability to Change colors on headers
    4. When using bullet points, allow spacing in between bullets or numbers. maybe a swipe down option
    5. Allow to center, indent, bold structure titles
    6. an option an option to toggle between outlining and full page view to type.
    7. Side menu with folders so when writing a book you can have chapters or quickly move from one outline to another
    8. Change color of text or italic. like if i am working on something and i want to color what is my opinion in red for example, then when i print it i can see what here my thoughts
    9. And better external keyboard short cuts to type faster.
    10. Voice dictation with recognizable command for next bullet.
    Well these are my suggestions. But again i would not change what you have, just add to it. great product.

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