Outline Pro for iPhone Coming Soon!

Posted on Jan 29, 2013

It's a big day for us at IT Launchpad. Today, Outline Pro for iPhone enters beta testing. We're still adding a few new features, such as iCloud support and UI improvements, but the core of the app is ready. We're very excited to finally share it with you!

When Will It Be Available?

Our plan is sometime in March 2013.

UPDATE Mar 29, 2013: We're finishing up a few last-minute changes and expect to launch Outline Pro for iPhone as well as the iCloud update for our iPad app in mid-April. Sorry about the delay and thanks for your patience!

What Features Will Be Included?

All of them! Outline Pro for iPhone will have every single feature of Outline Pro for iPad -- and both versions will receive iCloud support, too. It's going to be the most advanced outliner for the iPhone.


Click on any screenshot to enlarge.

Outline Pro for iPhone's Structure panel.

The Structure panel slides out from the left.

Outline Pro for iPhone's Writing screen.

The Writing screen in action.

Outline Pro for iPhone's Options panel.

The Options panel slides out from the right.

Outline Pro for iPhone's Home screen.

The Home screen looks just like the iPad app's.

Outline Pro for iPhone's user interface.

The same great UI.

Outline Pro for iPhone's tutorial.

The tutorial has been completely optimized for iPhone.

What Will It Cost?

Outline Pro for iPhone will be a completely separate app from the current Outline Pro (for iPad). We plan to sell it for $4.99 on the App Store. We're also going to give away free download codes on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

We're very excited to bring you Outline Pro for iPhone soon. Like our page on Facebook or follow @OutlineProApp on Twitter for updates!

Comments (4)

  1. Gordon on Feb 21, 2013

    Really do not understand the proce of &4.99 when compared to the iPad veriob which costs £6.99 from the UK store - almost twice as much - and you expect to sell the iPad version with no free trial just on your say so. BAD MARKETING.

  1. Anton Yakushin on Feb 21, 2013
    (Lead Developer, Outline Pro)

    @Gordon, it sounds like you may be under the impression that we're planning to sell Outline Pro at a lower price in the U.S. than in the U.K App Store. I am very sorry for this misunderstanding. Outline Pro will always be the same price worldwide.

    Please understand that Outline Pro for iPad and Outline Pro for iPhone will be sold as completely separate apps and priced differently from one another. The reason we chose $4.99 for the iPhone version (compared to $9.99 for the iPad) is that although the iPhone version will be fully-featured, the iPhone's smaller screen creates a very different experience for the user. It's an app of its own, fully optimized for iPhone!

    Outline Pro doesn't have a "lite" or "free" version because we don't want to limit its features or take away from our users' outlining experiences. We understand that Outline Pro isn't for everyone, so if you're looking for a low-cost outlining app, I suggest searching the App Store for one of our inexpensive competitors; there are many cheap or free outliners that might better suit your needs and budget. In addition, if you want to try out Outline Pro, follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook, where we occasionally post free promo codes.

  1. Brenden on Mar 6, 2013

    Love this app and use it every day for writing - I was wondering if there are plans to include bold underline highlight. This would be helpful for teaching.


  1. Anton Yakushin on Mar 6, 2013
    (Lead Developer, Outline Pro)

    @Brenden: I've added your request to our wishlist of features to look into. After we release Outline Pro for iPhone and the next version of Outline Pro for iPad, one of the potential features we're going to be investigating will be the possibility of limited text formatting, including bold, italic, underline, and highlighted text styles. I can't say at this moment whether this will be implemented in the near future. If we do make text styling available, it will most likely be for users with iOS 6 and later.

    Originally, we did not allow for any text styling because our pilot found that formatting of any kind distracted users from the content they were writing. Nevertheless, I understand the case to be made for certain types of text formatting that could enhance the writing process, especially those I mentioned above.

    If we pursue text styling, we'll certainly post about it in our blog for everyone to read. I'm also happy to send you an email if we do so that you're in the loop. Thank you very much for your suggestion!

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