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We want you to be a better writer. It's why we created Outline Pro! Check out our iPhone app's top 10 features below, and then see how Outline Pro stacks up against the competition. Don't forget to check out our iPad app's features, too!

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Top 10 Features for iPhone

1. Don't struggle with long bullet lists. Separate your outline into sections.

Once you try it, you’ll never go back. Save yourself the time and frustration of working on a long, messy list of bullets. Separate your outline into convenient sections.

2. Intuitive UI lets you focus on writing.

Drag bullets with your finger. Rearrange sections easily. Change anything with a tap!

3. Export to your favorite writing app. We turn your outline into a paper!

How much time would you save if your outliner could convert all your bullets into paragraphs? How about if it could also open the text in your favorite writing app so you could start a draft, right away?

With Outline Pro, you can do it all with just the tap of a button. It can even automatically add period to the ends of each sentence!

4. Templates to get you started. You can even create your own.

We worked with writers, professors and presenters to bring you three powerful templates to help you start outlining: "Paper or Essay", "Speech" and "Scientific Research Paper".

Want more? You can make your own templates, too.

5. Total customization of bullets. Lots of options.

Choose your favorite outline style for each indent level. Use shapes, letters, numbers, Roman Numerals, and more!

6. Export text, PDF and OPML to your other apps.

Export your outline as:

  • Text to your favorite text editing app to work on your written draft.
  • PDF to annotate a PDF version of your outline in your annotation app.
  • OPML to open it with another outliner on your iPad or computer.

It gets better! Export by e-mail, straight to Dropbox, Google Drive or Box, or print!

7. iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive and Box integration.

Sync your outlines and templates with iCloud.

Import and export to Dropbox, Google Drive or Box, without leaving the app.

8. Track your sources.

Sources made simple! Add a list of sources to your outline, and add references to them throughout your text. Jump between them with ease.

9. Extensive in-app documentation and support.

We'll make sure you never get stuck! Outline Pro has a detailed documentation built in, and you can always contact us if you have any questions.

10. Every language supported.

If you're not writing in English, don’t worry! Outline Pro supports typing in every iPad keyboard language.

Unlike our competitors, we even have a complete RTL (Right-to-Left) interface for languages like Arabic and Hebrew.

And much more! Save outlines to folders, undo and redo your last 100 changes, and show word and character counts.

Now take a look at Outline Pro's full list of features, compared with other apps:

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