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Apple has featured Outline Pro on the App Store in 125 countries, inlcuding the U.S., U.K., Australia, Germany and Russia. See the full list of featured counties.

"More than an outliner but a guide to better writing"
"One of the best apps I have"
"Aside from being a very powerful outline editor, the export feature is the best"

1-Year Educational iPad Pilot Complete: Students Writing Markedly Improved
Source: PRWeb

Outline Pro was piloted with Princeton Academy’s 7th and 8th grade English classes under the direction of English teacher Matt Trowbridge. Since Mr. Trowbridge’s first homework assignment to his students using the new app, Outline Pro has been a major success at improving the writing quality of students at Princeton Academy.

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Mac in the Classroom: How a School got into App Development
Source: The Mac Observer

When Mr. Trowbridge and I spoke, his students had just begin using the app, but the quality of work had already shown improvements. He had the students develop an outline for an essay in Outline Pro overnight, and said the outlines were better outlines than "I've seen in my four years teaching [at Princeton Academy.]"

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Princeton Academy Announces Release of iPad App
Source: Princeton Patch

Outline Pro is the first app designed with a school curriculum in mind where students engage in the essay writing process effectively, by creating outlines. It has application for use in the classroom and at home.

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